Brandon Lewis


Brandon Lewis, CPA, CFE has conducted complex white-collar fraud and tax evasion investigations for over 20 years with Federal and State government agencies, a Big Four accounting firm, a Fortune 500 company, and as an independent advisor. In many of these investigations, he worked as a special agent and forensic accountant, giving him the unique ability to conduct witness and suspect interviews, gather digital and documentary evidence, and thoroughly analyze large data sets of accounting, financial, and other data. Brandon has also been recognized as a fraud expert by state courts in Arizona and Texas.

Well-accustomed to courtroom settings, he has testified as an expert witness in State court and as an investigator and special agent in both State and Federal courts. He has been retained as an expert by both plaintiff and defense counsel in civil litigation matters.

Brandon is passionate about fraud prevention and detection. He enjoys helping businesses find solutions to their various fraud issues or assisting attorneys with their complex fraud cases and proving or disproving allegations of fraud.