Our firm provides a one-stop shop for clients seeking help with litigation consulting, information systems consulting, compliance, and other matters requiring sophisticated financial expertise.

Our Difference

Broad capabilities

We have assembled a wide “bench” of subject matter experts with decades of experience solving a wide array of problems. This breadth of expertise includes forensic accounting consultancy, fraud investigations, valuation, accounting malpractice, management, interim-CFO services, banking and international investigations, asset location, financing and funding, operational analysis and solutions, and expert testimony and undisclosed expert consulting.

Multi-disciplinary approach

Our diverse expertise enables us to analyze a client’s situation from every angle to provide the comprehensive advice and customized strategy necessary to achieve the desired results. Every solution and response are tailored to the specific, unique circumstances of our clients.

Creative solutions

We are problem solvers and pride ourselves on our ability to uncover issues and provide solutions that are often missed by our clients and competitors. Our objective is to find the optimal strategy for clients to protect their assets, assess and minimize risk, and improve their bottom line.

Flexible staffing

Every case is matched with the appropriate expert and staffed by a virtual and flexible team who can adjust to the changing needs of the case. We can accommodate large influxes of data, new legal issues, changing deadlines, and other situations to ensure that clients receive the best service possible.

Cost-effective pricing

We offer competitive rates. Our virtual firm and staffing allow us to keep overhead low – a substantial saving we pass along to clients.